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interview with:

agent cooper

This is my second interview with agent cooper. This field is where I give a brief or long description of the person I am interviewing and why their tweet matters and why I focused on it.

  • What was your reaction when your tweet went viral?

    I was really surprised when so many retweeted my tweet 1,000 times within the hour. I feel very blessed it touched so many people, and thankfully I’ve met some amazing people out of sharing my feelings with the Twitter sphere.

  • How did you muster up the courage to tell so many people?

    It took me a very long time to muster up the courage to tell anyone. But when I started seeing the hashtag, #metoo, I went into auto pilot and told my story to strangers.

  • That's incredible, where can we reach you if we want to know more about your journey?

    I can be reached at this twitter name.

    Thank you for your time.